Candidate Profile: Steven Slemer

Steve Slemer, candidate for mayor of Glen Carbon
Steve Slemer, candidate for mayor of Glen Carbon

Name: Steven Slemer

Age: 57

Immediate family members: I am the youngest of six children and I have one daughter and grandson.

Town: Glen Carbon

Office seeking: Glen Carbon Mayor

Occupation: 32 years as Operating Engineer & Supervisor at Phillips Refinery

Previous and current elected offices and terms served: Village of Glen Carbon Trustee for two years

Why are you running? I treasure this community and I feel a responsibility to do more. In 2015 I was elected to the village board as a trustee. I have seen firsthand that it is time for change and we need a fresh new perspective along with deep community roots.

What is the most important issue facing the Village of Glen Carbon? How would you approach it? Manage growth so that it enhances our community and a commitment to see our infrastructure work is completed in a timely yet fiscally responsible manner. I would ensure the types of businesses provide meaningful employment and a long term commitment. I proposed a sales tax referendum to the voters that passed last November, this will generate revenue so construction can commence on long overdue projects.

If you were writing a job description for the position you’re seeking, what would it say? This is a four-year opportunity to prove yourself as an individual who is committed to work with a team of professionals and volunteers. Setting a common goal to enhance the lives and neighborhoods of a well-established community with tremendous growth opportunities before it.

How would keep costs down or reduce costs in your municipality? I led the fight to stop a utility tax that would have solely put the expense of capital projects on the backs of our residents. Continue to remove wasteful spending in all departments, including streamlining responsibilities and being more efficient.

Why should people vote for you? As a fourth-generation resident of Glen Carbon, I want to ensure we continue to have a community that is a great place to live and raise a family for future generations. I will be bringing a fresh new face with deep roots and with change comes enthusiasm, energy and willingness to do more while maintaining our home town atmosphere.