David Gill Candidate Profile

Name: Dr. David Gill

Office seeking: U.S. Representative, 13th Congressional District

Party: Democrat

Age: 58

City of residence: Bloomington

Campaign website: www.davidgill2018.com

Why are you running and why should you be nominated? Democratic primary voters should support me because of both my message and my demonstrated ability to win in IL-13. My progressive message (single-payer healthcare now, a $15 per hour minimum wage now, and tuition-free access to public higher education and trade schools) would provide great benefit to the vast majority of residents of IL-13. Of great importance is the fact that my passionate delivery of this progressive message has already demonstrated the ability to succeed in IL-13. When I last ran for this office in 2012, my message won by 7 points; unfortunately, the presence of a liberal Independent who echoed all of my positions split the vote just enough to allow the Republican candidate to narrowly win by 0.3 percent. Vague conservative messages from Democrats, similar to those offered by most of my current primary opponents, resulted in losses of 18-20 points in 2014 and 2016 in IL-13.

What are your views on the nation's health care system? What needs to be changed, if anything? Working as an Emergency Department physician, I regularly bear witness to the failures of our healthcare financing system here in America. I am a 25-year member of Physicians of a National Health Program, and I have been passionately advocating over that time for a single-payer healthcare system. We must immediately end the dominance of the for-profit private health insurance industry; no longer should decisions regarding life and death be based upon American citizens’ insurance status.

The federal budget is in deficit and the debt is growing. What should be done in order to balance the federal budget? We need to raise revenues by having the millionaires and billionaires and corporations pay their fair share of taxes; for the past several decades they have taken advantage of thousands of loopholes written into the tax code by U.S. Representatives who are funded by those same wealthy interests. We also need to reduce expenses; our military budget has been overly bloated for many years. President Eisenhower cautioned the American people to “beware the military-industrial complex”, but we have failed to heed his warning.

What local issues do you want to work on in Washington, D.C. and why? My focus will be to enact single-payer healthcare legislation (my background as a physician and former assistant director of the Illinois Department of Public Health will serve me well in taking a leadership role with regards to this), a $15 per hour minimum wage, and tuition-free access to public higher education and trade schools. These steps will provide great benefit to the vast majority of residents of IL-13.

Immigration into the United States continues to be a topic of debate. What changes should be made to the nation's immigration system? The United States is a nation of immigrants, and it is important that federal immigration policy allows hardworking, ambitious people from other nations to immigrate to the United States. I proudly support a fair and humane immigration policy. In Congress, I will fight for a fair path toward citizenship for those in the United States who are undocumented. People come to the United States to better their lives, but many are denied that opportunity when they arrive. Our immigrant community is under threat from President Trump and the Republican majority in Congress. I will push back against the current inhumane policies that break families apart. I support a clean DACA bill; young people who have known no other home than America should not be used as political bargaining chips.