Scott Drury Candidate Profile

Name: Scott Drury

Office seeking: Attorney General

Party: Democrat

Age: 45

City of residence: Highwood

Campaign website: scottdrury.org

Why are you running and why should you be nominated? I am running for Attorney General to clean up Illinois. I am a former federal prosecutor who has locked up corrupt public officials, regardless of party. As a State Representative, I have stood up to the State's most powerful interests and am the only Democratic legislator in the last 30 years with the courage to not vote for Mike Madigan for House Speaker. People who are serious about wanting real change in Illinois, should vote for me.

What do you view the role of the attorney general's office to be in terms of law enforcement? The Attorney General is the top law enforcement officer in the State of Illinois. As Attorney General, I will make fighting corruption a top priority. I have experience doing this as a federal prosecutor. My goal is to transform the office into one that fights corruption on par with the U.S. Attorneys' Offices throughout the state. The Attorney General also must play a leading role in ending gang violence, domestic abuse and making sure victims are treated properly

How would you view the relationship between the attorney general's office and state's attorneys in each county? The Attorney General should work cooperatively with state's attorneys throughout the State. I have already begun reaching out to the various state's attorneys to discuss my vision for the Attorney General's office. They are excited to have an Attorney General with whom they can partner and share resources.

What is the most important issue facing the attorney general's office? How would you approach it? The Attorney General's office must be committed to ending corruption in our state. So much of what is wrong in Illinois results directly from corrupt actions by corrupt officials. The public needs to know that no one is above the law. The best way to prove this point is to treat politicians -- regardless of party -- like everyone else. As Attorney General, I will recruit the best attorneys and investigators to work on corruption cases. Further, I will be actively involved in these investigations.

What other issues would you focus the attorney general's office on? As Attorney General, I will address the gun violence and opioid epidemics plaguing our state. Both of these issues require a comprehensive approach and an investment of resources. Illinois needs more treatment centers and better schools. Illinois needs to provide more job training and have vocational training in the schools. Moreover, Illinois needs to go after the pharmaceutical companies and doctors who are unnecessarily pushing opioids on patients. Additionally, I will make sure that consumers are protected from harmful actions taken by big corporations and insurance companies. The current Attorney General has done a good job in this regard. I want to continue that work.

What are your views on the legalization of marijuana debate? I believe Illinois will legalize marijuana in the next few years. It is important that Illinois make sure that it acts responsibly in doing so and implement precautions that will keep children and the public safe. Many in Illinois want the state to rush this through in order to get more tax dollars. This is the wrong approach. When Illinois makes decisions solely based on revenue, it usually gets it wrong.