Preston Nelson Candidate Profile

Preston Nelson
Preston Nelson

Name: Preston Nelson

Office seeking: US Representative, 12th Congressional District

Party: Republican

Age: 27

City of residence: Benton

Campaign website: www.freedom4.life

Why are you running and why should you be nominated? The establishment is ruining our nation. Both sides are driving us farther into debt. My opponent voted for the new disaster budget and the trillion dollar deficit that includes no spending reforms and sends more money to obscenely bloated government contractors, many of which turn around and donate to Congressional reelection campaigns. Our government began secretly sending weapons to "moderate Syrian rebel" terrorists in 2011. In 2012, a Defense Intelligence Report said that if we went on arming the groups who were known to be affiliated with Al Qaeda, then it was very possible for an Islamic state to develop and move into Iraq. They decided to go on ahead with it, and the rest is history, including over a billion dollars of American weapons having flowed to Al Qaeda and ISIS since 2011. Even more insane is we continue sending weapons to Syria in 2018. In 2016, the DEA was working hard against the opioid epidemic. They found McKesson (the sixth largest government contractor) was practicing gross negligence and their prescription opioids were even flowing to cartels as a result. They wanted criminal prosecutions and fines over a billion dollars. Big pharma lobbied Congress, and both House and Senate unanimously passed a bill which railroaded the DEA's efforts. 60 minutes broke the story and Tom Marino, who authored the bill, rescinded his nomination to be Trump's new drug czar. His bad bill remains law, however, and McKesson continues to receive over $8 billion in tax-payer funds per year. Last year, we paid over $250 billion in interest on the national debt. Interest rates are set to go up. We have to make tough decisions and the establishment is only going to kick the can down the road. We need to fight the corruption and stand against what is insane, including the insane spending. I will do it.

What are your views on the nation's health care system? What needs to be changed, if anything? It's way over regulated. We don't need a repeal and replace of Obamacare. We need a repeal and a whole lot more repeal. Private insurance should not be regulated. There is a clear correlation between government regulations in healthcare and insurance and an increase in all the prices. The free market is already innovating, offering direct primary care and cost-sharing groups. These save people thousands by working around government regulations and the regulated insurance system. Set the free market free, and let it work for the people!

The federal budget is in deficit and the debt is growing. What should be done in order to balance the federal budget? Return to last year's budget and freeze there, thereby forcing agencies to become more efficient. We all know they waste beyond belief. If they can't increase efficiency and save money, then replace people. End redundant departments, such as the Federal Department of Education. Keep all education dollars local and in the states. Allow states to set their own standards. Stop foreign aid to other countries. We simply can't afford it. Bring troops home to defend our borders instead of Afghanistan's. Sell the innumerable acres of totally unused federal land in the western states.

What local issues do you want to work on in Washington, D.C. and why? I want to follow the ninth and 10th amendments by keeping local issues local, and keeping the federal government out of state and local rights. Managing how states run themselves is not Washington's role. Rather, managing foreign affairs is, and I suggest Congress take a greater role in the allowance of foreign military action, by following Article 1, section 8. Further described in Art. 1, sec. 8 is that the Congress manages our currency. Therefore, they must practice greater oversight of the Federal Reserve, and stop the inflation which has destroyed 90 percent + of the value of our currency since 1950. Inflation is a root of many evils. Finally, I will seek to repeal the 16th amendment so that the Federal government may not continue directly taxing individual incomes. The founders set that the federal taxes be divided among the states. This creates a healthy push/pull in taxation, helping dollars to stay local and be more accountable.

Immigration into the United States continues to be a topic of debate. What changes should be made to the nation's immigration system? Illegal immigration and the flow of unknown people into the nation must be stopped. That said, legal immigration for normal, peaceful people should be made easier, but background checks are a must in this age of terrorism. Immigration is overall a good thing and good for the economy. Welfare benefits should only ever go to citizens, and citizenship itself should be difficult to attain, and not granted to illegal immigrants. The millions of people who are here illegally should not be granted citizenship, or voting rights, or welfare benefits, but should be offered a pathway to legal status. Illegal immigrants who commit crimes should be promptly incarcerated and/or deported. Those receiving and requiring welfare benefits in order to live here should be deported.