Matthew Smallheer Candidate Profile

Matthew Smallheer
Matthew Smallheer

Name: Matthew Smallheer

Office seeking: County Board District 18

Party: Republican

Age: 35

City of residence: O'Fallon

Campaign website: https://www.facebook.com/msmallheer/

Why are you running and why should you be nominated? I have served on the O'Fallon City Council for the past 3.5 years. During this time I have been able to successfully focus on the issue and bring council members together for the common good. I believe this is a valuable skill and hope to bring the county board together for the common good.

What is the most important issue facing your county and how would you handle it? MidAmerica Airport is the most important issue facing the county. It has long been used as a political tool and as a result has failed to thrive. I plan to use my skills as a business owner to really dig into the the details and find a way to make the Airport profitable, thus making it a true asset.

What other issues do you want to focus on as a county board member? How would you approach those issues? I want to increase transparency by bringing county meetings into the 21st century. Currently all meetings take place on paper. If we moved the county to a digital format, this would allow citizens to stay better informed on county issues. I also would like to see the county update it's website to allow for better searching of data.