Dwight Kay Candidate Profile

Former State Rep. Dwight Kay
Former State Rep. Dwight Kay

Name: Dwight Kay

Office seeking: State Representative, 112th District

Party: Republican

Age: 70

City of residence: Glen Carbon

Campaign website: www.dwightkay.com

Why are you running and why should you be nominated? I am out spoken voice for Southern Illinois for the immediate resignation of Mike Madigan - Illinois Speaker of the House. I am knowledgeable of the most critical problems that face Illinois and know how to fix those problems. I am running because Illinois is worth fighting for and I want the people of Illinois to have the security and opportunity they all deserve.

What is the most important issue facing the state? How would you approach it? The cost of corruption in state government. Illinois’ corruption costs impact all taxes imposed upon individuals and businesses, effecting whether they will remain in the confines of Illinois. Face it, taxpayers are done paying for corruption and government mismanagement. The approach is clear: remove Mike Madigan as House Speaker. Secondary issues of high taxes, Workman’s Comp Reform, Justice Reform and Comprehensive Job Growth and producing a true balanced budget can then be successfully be addressed.

The state’s income tax was increased to 4.95 percent in 2017. Would you try to roll it back? Why or why not? And if so, how would you roll it back? Yes. Coupled with the highest property taxes in the nation, income tax and property taxes disincentive business to come to Illinois and the individual taxpayer to stay in Illinois. Last year 38,700 Illinois citizens took up residency in another state, while many large companies looking to relocate or build new production operations dismissed Illinois as a destination location. My first initiative in 2019 will be the roll back of the 32% income tax increase imposed in 2017.

Illinois is still running a budget deficit. How should it be balanced? If cuts should be made, what programming cuts should be considered? Illinois has not provided a balanced budget since 1998. Notwithstanding the fact that there are four appropriations committees tasked with preparing an annual budget, the simple truth is that each committee’s work is largely discarded in favor of what Speaker Madigan wants the budget outcome to be based on his revenue estimate. Last year’s budget is almost $4 billion out of balance which follows the pattern of previous years. Illinois’ budget will never be balanced with wild revenue and expenditure swings. The use of only precise revenue and expenditure amounts should be the rule. There are some cuts, if not reforms, that can be studied:

1. Consolidation of archaic government entities will save billions.

2. Subject Inter-Governmental Agreements to the normal procurement process; or eliminate these contracts.

3. Dismantle CMS (Central Management Services).

4. Cut legislator and Executive Office compensation by one-half.

5. Eliminate Pensions for state legislators and and Executive Office Holders.

6. Initiate Forensic Audits of each State Agency in the Capitol.

7. Government grants need to cost justified. Many grants support local activities that might better be covered by counties, cities, etc.

8. Stop taxpayer bailouts to Chicago School System, as well as business such as Sears, ADM and others.

Campaign funding has been an issue in the last few months. Should there be changes in the state’s campaign finance rules? Why or why not? If so, what changes would you want to see? Without question. The best candidate may not win because he or she cannot compete financially. In light of Court rulings affirming First Amendment Rights, this matter will be hard to change. It would be refreshing to see a candidate be required to raise a certain level of his or hers campaign money before large sums can be accepted, accepted from any entity.