Arthur Asadorian Candidate Profile

Arthur Asadorian
Arthur Asadorian

Name: Arthur Asadorian

Office seeking: Madison County Board District 21

Party: Democrat

Age: 67

City of residence: Granite City

Campaign website: https://www.facebook.com/ArtAsadorianForMadisonCounty/

Why are you running and why should you be nominated? To continue the good work we have been able to accomplish on the County Board.

My proven results are:

  • Saving Taxpayers money - I have voted to lower the tax rate you pay to the county 3 times, while maintaining a balanced budget.

  • By repairing levees with no property tax increase, we have saved citizens and businesses millions of dollars in potential flood insurance rates.

  • I am also continuing to work on the establishment of a no-kill animal shelter in Madison County, which will be the first no-kill county shelter in the state of Illinois.

What is the most important issue facing your county and how would you handle it? Continued transparency and honesty in governing are always important things for legislative and executive bodies to exemplify. I believe this can be achieved by continued monitoring of all aspects of government to ensure proper conduct of all county departments. I’m proud to have always served my constituents with honesty and dignity. I hope to be re-elected so I may continue to.

What other issues do you want to focus on as a county board member? How would you approach those issues? I want to continue to bring jobs to Madison County. I also want to continue to keep our citizens’ tax rate low, while not only maintaining, but also improving their property values, and feelings of security in their own homes.

I would achieve these by continuing to promote our geographic location to businesses and corporations, and working to continue to strengthen our Sheriff’s department.

All of this would be done while continuing to support our county employees, who, through their selflessness, continue to serve to all of our citizens.