Charlie Meier Candidate Profile

Charlie Meier
Charlie Meier dholtmann@bnd.com

Name: Charlie Meier

Office seeking: State Representative

Party: Republican

Age: 58

City of residence: Okawville

Campaign website: CharlieMeier.org

Why are you running and why should you be nominated? I’m running to improve the state of Illinois for current and future generations. We can do better. Illinois can improve if we pass reforms to help create jobs, reduce property taxes, and pay off our debts. For too long one party from Chicago and Mike Madigan has put our state on a path to destruction. I want to make our state a better place to live and work. In addition, I won’t stop being a voice for the developmentally disabled and Murray Center.

What is the most important issue facing the state? How would you approach it? Property taxes. Illinois has the highest property taxes in the nation. We can lower taxes by growing our economy and reducing the number of unfunded mandates forced our schools and local governments. Since 2015, the legislature has voted over 20 times on fake property tax relief bills. It’s time for the legislature to walk the walk and pass real property tax relief.

The state's income tax was increased to 4.95 percent in 2017. Would you try to roll it back? Why or why not? And if so, how would you roll it back? I want to see the 32 percent income tax hike expire. I voted against its final passage and even filed a bill this year to expire the tax hike.

Illinois is still running a budget deficit. How should it be balanced? If cuts should be made, what programming cuts should be considered? It’s very simple. The state should not be spending more than what we have coming to the state in revenue. In other words, don’t spend more than what is in the bank account. The legislature should audit state government to identify and root out unnecessary and/or duplicative spending.

Campaign funding has been an issue in the last few months. Should there be changes in the state's campaign finance rules? Why or why not? If so, what changes would you want to see? I support the Constitution and right to free speech. Anything that limits the ability for someone to run for office is of concern.