Reckless homicide charge in deadly Chicago bus shelter crash

A man who allegedly crashed into a Chicago bus shelter, fatally injuring a woman who was run over twice, has been charged with reckless homicide.

A judge set 42-year-old Errol Brice's bail at $50,000 during a Tuesday hearing.

Police say Brice's sport-utility vehicle crashed into a bus shelter Saturday night on Chicago's South Side, pinning 59-year-old Beverly Barney beneath the vehicle.

Brice allegedly put the SUV in reverse and then drove forward over Barney a second time before fleeing.

She was pronounced dead at a hospital. A second woman also injured in the crash remains hospitalized in stable condition.

Brice's attorney, Shay Allen, tells the Chicago Sun-Times "it's always horrible when a life is lost," but he noted that the charge his client faces reflected that the crash wasn't intentional.