Cook County’s chief judge elected to another 3-year term

Timothy C. Evans has retained his post as chief judge of the Circuit Court of Cook County.

Evans, who has held the post for 18 years, was elected Thursday by his fellow judges to a seventh three-year term. He defeated Judge Lorna Propes 142-102 in a secret ballot of judges.

The 76-year-old Evans promoted his candidacy among fellow judges by touting his accomplishments, including the expanded use of specialized courts such as drug court and veterans court.

Propes was appointed to the bench in 2010 by the Illinois Supreme Court. She targeted Evans' long tenure atop the court system by calling for term limits on the chief judge's office.

The chief judge commands a $272 million budget and 2,400 employees. Not included in that total are the 400 judges whose courtroom assignments the chief judge controls.