Oklahoma killer who posed as cellmate to escape is captured at Missouri motel

Patrick Walker
Patrick Walker Oklahoma Department of Corrections

One of Oklahoma’s “most dangerous inmates” is back in custody after he escaped from a county jail, Department of Corrections director Joe M. Allbaugh said in a news release.

The inmate, convicted murderer Patrick M. Walker, escaped Thursday night from the Payne County Jail in Stillwater, Oklahoma, according to an initial news release.

At the time of his escape, 34-year-old Walker was serving a life sentence for first-degree murder and several other convictions, including assault and battery with a dangerous weapon, the release states.

Walker is now accused of stealing his jail cellmate’s ID card and threatening to harm cellmate Charles Pendarvis’ family if he didn’t give him the card, officials said, according to ABC News.

Walker then bonded out of the jail by posing as his cellmate, News9 reported.

Payne County Sheriff R.B. Hauf said “the odds of that happening should be astronomical,” according to the Stillwater News Press. “ ... The con was played very well.

Department spokesperson Matt Elliott said “the staff thought he was the other inmate,” according to ABC.

When Walker signed out, he signed his own name, not Pendarvis’, officials said, according to ABC News. The bondsman didn’t notice, though, until Walker had left the facility.

Walker was in the county jail, rather than prison, for court on an unrelated case, according to a news release. Walter is accused of assaulting a corrections officer at the Cimarron Correctional Facility, where he was being housed, in May.

About five days after his escape, on Tuesday, U.S. Marshals captured Walker at a motel in St. Louis, Missouri. He was taken back into custody without incident, officials said in the release.

“I’m looking forward to a full report explaining how one of our most dangerous inmates could bond out of a county jail,” Allbaugh said in the statement. “We can’t have this happen again in any of the 76 other counties of this state.”

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