No shirt. No shoes. No voting: High cost of being too casual

How informed can you be if you don’t even bother to register to vote until Election Day?
How informed can you be if you don’t even bother to register to vote until Election Day? dholtmann@bnd.com

You can vote early. You can vote without being in the state. You can vote just on your word about who you are. You can register to vote when you get a driver’s license.

So now Illinois leaders think they need to let people vote who have not given their voting decisions a second thought? What else can they expect from someone with so little forethought about the election that they show up Nov. 8 and want to vote?

Remember what the Founding Fathers said about an informed electorate being essential to the survival of a free people? Well, democracy isn’t built by people making last-minute decisions, choosing Hillary or Trump as casually as they would chicken or beef at the burrito truck.

The current lawsuit challenging same-day voter registration is based on Illinois’ inability to offer it everywhere. The current plan is to only offer it in the 21 counties with populations of 100,000 or more plus five cities, including East St. Louis. That is a disadvantage to the folks in Illinois’ 81 smaller counties. If it cannot be offered in a fair manner to all, then it should not be offered at all, the lawsuit argues.

Besides the fairness issue, same-day voting is just an affront to those who take voting decisions seriously and study the issues and examine the character of the candidates.

Even if you get the right to register on Election Day, have enough self respect to register early and spend some time becoming part of an informed electorate rather than a reactionary rabble.