Granite City gets a pony for Christmas, but let’s not look it in the mouth

U.S. Steel has some work to do at its other plants, so it needs the capacity of our idled Granite City Steel plant. They don’t need all 2,000 workers idled a year ago, but they do need 220 starting in mid-February.

As the man said: Better than a sharp stick in the eye.

Getting 11 percent back is better than the zero that we’ve had, and it reinforces the view that U.S. Steel has invested too much in Granite City to let it remain idle. The plant has technology and a workforce that are needed. There is a future.

If only the market recovers.

And for that, we need to wish for rising gasoline prices so more steel pipe is needed for the oil fields and so Granite City’s main product is again in demand. And we need to wish for better trade enforcement and guards against Chinese monetary manipulation that helps them dump cheap steel.

Many factors so far from local control, but then that’s the job you handed to the folks you sent to Washington.

No idling there.