After 292 innings of baseball, here’s what losing feels like

Mike Shoemaker said it all when asked about his team losing a 292-inning baseball game.

Veteran service members flew in from around the country to be part of a historic effort. They played 74 hours, 26 minutes and 52 seconds, through hot days, cold nights and a thunderstorm that left them worried about lightning strikes.

They raised more than $100,000 for The Mission Continues. The charity empowers veterans returning to civilian life by connecting them with service opportunities in their communities.

And when it was all over — after the veterans played from early Friday morning to mid-morning on Memorial Day, after they had likely set a world record, after they had developed new friendships and honored their fellow service members, and after the blue team had beaten Shoemaker’s gray team 396 to 255 — Shoemaker’s take on losing the game?

“We did win.”