Scott AFB air show reminds how nation, military unites us

Before the national spotlight hit us, there was a feeling in the air.

Whether you braved the crowd to get onto Scott Air Force Base, watched from a distance, watched a video or just heard a fighter jet zoom overhead, you could not escape the feeling. You caught your breath or felt a rush of excitement. You hurried to a window to catch a glimpse.

The Thunderbirds were spectacular, but there were poignant moments with a replica biplane built from the same plans as the ones at the 1917 founding of Scott Field. The fighters and bombers from World War II, Korea and Vietnam vintage aircraft as well as the cavernous cargo planes showed how far aviation has come in the century we’ve been home to a military airfield.

It was a good weekend to forget that which divides us. It was a good time to remember that which we value and support.

The feeling was patriotism. It was good to share it with so many others, it was a wonderful reminder of what our area offers the nation and we certainly hope that is the lasting legacy of our community.