Local woman shows how to earn a top score in life

Celebrating 100 years

Louise Jimerson is celebrating her 100th birthday this year.
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Louise Jimerson is celebrating her 100th birthday this year.

When we score 100, we’ve worked hard and earned perfection. When we’re given 100, we hope to be worthy of the milestone.

Louise Jimerson just turned 100. She cooks, is fashionable, is active at a church where she’s outlasted 24 ministers and takes one little pill for blood pressure. She just took her driving test and scored — you guessed it — 100.

One of Jimerson’s former Sunday school students said a whole lot about her worth.

“I hope I can be like her when I grow up,” said 69-year-old Lorraine Strauther.

One especially interesting conversation with Jimerson was about race.

As a child in the 1920s, she was friends with white neighbor kids. They all played together. They all ate at one another’s houses.

She said everyone was poor, and that created a bond.

“I guess I didn’t even realize I was black.”

Kind of makes you wish everyone were poor, or at least could live in Jimerson’s old neighborhood. It sounds... well, perfect.