Gun ban in public housing fails, so let woman protect herself

Among all the flavors of Second Amendment rights, is there anything more universally accepted than the right to protect yourself in your own home?

Do you surrender that right if you are poor?

An East St. Louis woman is asking that question in federal court with the backing of gun rights advocates. She is a legally registered gun owner whose public housing lease denies her the right to possess a gun in her home or the surrounding property.

Her public housing regularly sees shootings. She was beaten and raped in her home, an attack that her children halted by threatening to shoot the rapist.

In addition she has an angry ex-husband who is a convicted murderer, previously beat her into unconsciousness and threatened to kill her and her teen children for ending the marriage. She filed the lawsuit anonymously for fear of her ex.

Hard to think of anyone in greater need of protection.

Will the housing authority park a security officer outside her door? Has the gun-free zone saved anyone in the city's public housing?

Disarming a victim you cannot protect is immoral. We'll see whether it is illegal.