Much too busy in Springfield to bother with passing an Illinois budget

It is always unsettling to work with a micromanager, someone who sweats every detail and needs to control everything. The problem is that micromanagers usually busy themselves with lots of small stuff so they don't have to deal with the big stuff, such as the future health or survival of the organization.

So our confidence is not high regarding the ability of our 177 micromanagers in the Illinois state capitol to focus on anything important, again, this year. Important, say, like a state budget, or pension reform, or reducing government, or paying $8.5 billion in overdue bills.

Here's recent evidence of them sticking their noses everywhere but in their own House, and Senate.

Deer feeding: State lawmakers are worried about Bambi getting fed. The Illinois Department of Natural Resources says feeding wild deer spreads diseases. Feeding them corn makes them fat. But one senator got his committee to agree that feeding them when it isn't time to shoot them is OK.

We hate Trump: Democratic Illinois lawmakers have no control over President Trump, but they want him to know how much they oppose him with an Illinois Senate resolution against troops at the Mexican border, an Illinois House resolution against Trump's infrastructure plan and another House resolution against Trump's citizenship question on the 2020 Census.

Refinery safety: No explosions, lots of federal regulations, but state lawmakers zeroed in on a need for state safety training for refinery workers. Oh, and by the way, the bill that passed a Senate committee also would force refineries to pay prevailing wage. Thanks for the higher gas prices, comrade. Maybe you could also listen to the highway contractors and jack the state gas tax to 85 cents?

Then there was hand-wringing about superbugs, Lyme disease awareness, sharing and while social work was recognized with a month, equal pay only got a day.

So many little worries. So little time for big problems.