Letters to the Editor

Hang on, Mr. Useless-Clueless’ reign is almost over

In approximately five months Mr. Useless-Clueless’ reign of terror will be over. He and some other meatheads have the false idea that he is or was a good president, when in reality he was a very, very poor class presidential impersonator. He wasn’t fit or qualified to be in the White House even as a visitor. It will take many years to fix and repair the damage he has done to this country.

Since his presence, race relations have gotten much worse. Morality is in the tank, health care is shot, our military has been downsized and has no backing, more decent jobs have left, done away with a large share of our weapons to satisfy other governments, lets no national emergency stand in the way of his many vacations, released more prisoners than the last nine presidents combined and most of them lifers and cost us our standing in the world. (Were not looked up to were laughed at.)

It seems that Useless-Clueless terroristic idea is destroy the people and the nation will fall. Another sad thing is that some of you meat heads want to replace him with his double. His double is Mrs. “What difference does it make?” She and her partner, (“Depends on what ‘is’ is”) want to carry on just like Clueless, give you freebie-wanters all you want until they take complete control. How about their foundation scam? Your vote for them makes you just as guilty as them for ruining our country.

Terry Hunt, Trenton