Letters to the Editor

Mr. Trump

Love Trump? I know he uses some bad language sometimes but I don’t have any children to hear it and I’ve heard those words before. I think he sometimes stretches the truth but people say they all lie so I guess it doesn’t matter. I can say I wasn’t too happy with him when he made fun of the handicapped reporter but that guy has probably heard that all his life and is used to it.

As far as global warming — I don’t know if it exists or not — those silly scientists might be making it all up. Even if it is happening it probably won’t affect Earth too drastically in my lifetime and, like I said earlier, I have no children, grandchildren or great-grandchildren that would have to worry about the health of our Earth.

I’ve heard Mr. Trump admires Vladimir Putin — maybe someday Russia and the United States can get together and rule the whole world. Wouldn’t that be fun. Oh, the possibilities are endless. We could get rid of all the undesirables — make women go back to filthy back allies for illegal abortions. Send Black people back to Africa, or better yet re-slave them — cheap labor to build Trump Grand Towers and Casinos. Take the vote away from women because we all know any man is smarter than a woman. Those were the great days, yeah. Good times.

There is one thing that really bothers me about Trump though, his hair. One day it’s yellow, then it’s orange-brown-red. Donald — please pick a color. Gee, I hope he doesn’t nuke me for making fun of his hair.

Kathleen Callahan, Belleville