Letters to the Editor


I have written a number of letters over the last five years about the lack of internal controls at the Whiteside School District. According to district audit reports for the last five years, the district was not reconciling the district cash accounts. This lack of internal control was reported in each year of the district’s audits and auditors were told that reconciliations would be prepared in the future.

The findings were discussed with the superintendent in each of the five years in the audit exit interviews. The superintendent continued to ignore the audit recommendations and failed to correct this breach in the district’s internal control. The board is also guilty in this debacle since they have done nothing to ensure that this lack of financial oversight was corrected. If your financial controls are weak, someone is eventually going to take advantage and that is what finally happened.

It has come to my attention that an administrator of the district was dismissed in May after the district discovered that district assets were stolen from school property. This same employee also had a district credit card in his possession. My question to the board: Are the credit card charges for the last five years being audited to ensure that this employee did not make purchases of a personal nature and if they did, were they reimbursed?

The incompetence of this superintendent is only surpassed by the incompetence of the school board which has allowed this problem to persist and has now resulted in district assets being compromised.

Louis Netemeyer, Belleville