Letters to the Editor


For without a vision for the government of the USA, our country is becoming a wasteland. There is a failure in the White House. It will not get better unless you serve the people.

Has Obama soaked up all benefits, left none for flood damage or other weather disasters? Golf games are important. Let the people flounder. Help the people. Supporting the government comes by the working class. Those that know about work don’t spend their time up in the air. Obama’s joy rides come because of the workers who provide.

You haven’t been following the law. Make this country reliable again. Your laws are a failure, self-serving is not the requirement for any president. Our laws were not meant to be kicked down the street. earn your way like anyone else.

Hillary has proven who she is. Can’t let her throw the rest of America away.

A president has to be a man with concern and care for America, for the rights of the American people. God furnished our land, let’s keep it.

Elect a president that knows where he came from and has earned his way. One that cares wholeheartedly for America.

Betty Storll, Edwardsville