Letters to the Editor


In a recent letter, Lee Harris asks “Are you a Catholic?” He then presumes to condemn anyone who is Catholic and who would vote for Hillary Clinton. I’m sorry, Mr. Harris; I didn’t realize you had been appointed by Jesus Christ to be the judge of all of us.

At the outset, let me say that I am undecided on whether to vote for Clinton. I am firmly against voting for her Republican opponent, however, for reasons too numerous to mention. I write in response to your blanket condemnation of any Catholic who would vote for Clinton, or, as you put it, “you are not a true Catholic Christian.”

The Catholicism I was raised in from my youth affirms the worth of every human being. It also cautions (in the same Scriptures that you cite) “to judge not, lest you be judged.” It also teaches, in the civil arena, that one may vote for a candidate of his or her choice, unless one’s vote is based solely on the candidate’s pro-abortion stance, for example.

Yes, I am a Catholic, and more than “in name only.” I hope that, when I am judged, it will be by the all-merciful God that I believe in, and not by a self-appointed judge whose version of Catholicism is so different from mine.

Joe McDonnell, Belleville