Letters to the Editor

Is it sexist?

In reference to “She’s riding shotgun to Madigan in political ad. Is it sexist?” in the Aug. 30 News-Democrat:

I say NO! Just about any Republican running for state representative in Illinois could send out a similar mailer with their Democratic opponent in the passenger seat. After all, Madigan has, in effect, owned the Illinois House of Representatives for the last 30 years. Almost any Democratic representative who doesn’t kowtow to him can expect to be looking for another job at the end of their term.

Ms. Stuart, quit using the terms “racist,” “sexist,” or any other “ist.” Tell us how you plan to fix our state government. How do you think the budget should be balanced? How to pay off our vendors and bring the state’s pension funds up to where they should be? Let’s hear your ideas.

Bob Walter, Glen Carbon