Letters to the Editor

More clear

The reason old guys like me reminisce about the old days becomes more clear every day. It’s lost on the two-three generations without our experiences that allow that things that ruin American lives to continue because “its just always been that way.” No it hasn’t .

I still remember steam engines, dial phones and before than just an operator. I remember when we all cut our own grass and when it was common to get a job and work for the same company all your life without worrying about it being sucked into a bigger company with loss of jobs. We did not fear our jobs would be sent to Mexico, the Philippines or overseas. Our favorite companies like Anheuser-Buisch, Ralston Purina and McDonnel Douglas were local companies.

The real turning point was 1964. LBJ took over from JFK and decided to create a “Great Society” based on Socialist principles. While at the same time sucking us into a civil war in Vietnam that even the French were smart enough to walk away from. It cost us 55,000 American lives. That was followed by another civil war in Afghanistan. We’re still there after almost 20 years.

We have lost the idea and ideals of state’s rights. Much of what the feds have done is clearly unconstitutional, but no one challenges them. Texas does have 44 civil suits against them. They are trying to fight it. The rest of us seem indolent and remain calm while the storm gathers. Why?

Joseph Reichert, Belleville