Letters to the Editor

True Catholic

Just read Lee Harris’ declaration of what a true Catholic is. I’m pretty sure Pope Francis would tell Harris he doesn’t get to decide who is a true Catholic. Harris declared that you’d better think exactly like he does or you’re not a true Catholic, you’re a CINO. He reminds me of the folks at Westboro Baptist Church, and the Sunnis and the Shias!

Being Catholic or Christian is not synonymous with being Republican. There is little in common among all who claim to be Christian. Christianity includes Catholicism, Eastern Orthodoxy, Oriental Orthodoxy, Anglicanism, and Protestantism - there may be more; and there are literally thousands of different denominations of Protestants. Additionally, there is no agreement on which version of the Holy Bible is authoritative or which standards of Christianity will still be observed in the modern era. Christian values are personally defined based on personally selected references from the Bible and observed within each family unit. Christian/Catholic values are not universal even within one congregation of one church.

If you believe you’re a Catholic, you are; if you believe you’re a Christian, you are. Do not allow people like Lee Harris to play God and pass his judgment on the validity of your beliefs and declare how you must vote.

David Vail, O’Fallon