Letters to the Editor

Just suppose

What would happen if the Democratic Party agreed to reverse Roe vs. Wade? I think the Democrats would gain the vote of the Christian fundamentalists. Some, of course, would hold out for banning evolution taught in schools and a few other issues involving church and state. But, for the most part, Christian fundamentalists would back the Democratic platform, which seeks to better the lives of the poor.

According to the polls, the Democrats have a strong Afro-American and Hispanic bloc of voters, which is growing. If they also had the vote of some Christian fundamentalists, the Republicans would lose many elections. Republicans better pray that Roe vs. Wade stays intact. Right now it’s the only thing they have going for them, voter-wise, except for the white, working-class, male bloc of voters, who often endorse white supremacy and subscribe to right-wing conspiracy theories.

Judy Neel, Belleville