Letters to the Editor

Polygraph test

I can understand when any person, public official or otherwise, refuses to acknowledge or answer the questions of someone who belongs in a mental institution or prison cell. Refusing to humor a lunatic doesn’t make anyone guilty of anything.

On Aug. 18, Insane Broadcasting shock jock, Bob Romanik publicly challenged Caseyville Trustee John Buckley to take a polygraph test. Romanik, while on the air, charged that Buckley had tried to enlist a former Village attorney to dismiss a traffic ticket. Mr. Buckley maintains he did no such thing. In exchange for passing the test, Romanik has offered to pay Mr. Buckley $20K. Mr. Buckley has accepted Romanik’s challenge.

I look forward to John passing the polygraph. The real question is will Romanik honor his part of the challenge and pay Buckley after he passes? Since Mr. Buckley has served no prison time for lying, I will have to put my money on Mr. Buckley. If nothing else, I hope this will start a trend. If more people stood up to this clown, it might just dissuade him from lying about them in the first place.

Brad VanHoose, Belleville