Letters to the Editor

Media twist

Why is it that the overwhelming majority of media portray Trump as a “buffoon” and his actions and words as defamatory or ignorant? All of the other politicians could easily be twisted or displayed in the same manner. It is so easy to report a story and leave out the positive parts so as to give the impression that the person has no clue or is incompetent. But, that is the way media has chosen to show Trump to the world. Yes, he has his negative points to be sure. But, so does every politician that walks this earth. It’s just the way each story is presented that molds people’s minds to form an overall opinion that irks me.

I can see why many conservatives say that the media is biased to liberal and leftist ideas. What I don’t understand is why there isn’t more fair and objective reporting. You can have an opinion, but for every side you argue there’s another side that should be considered. If we were totally liberal, there would be no incentive to be productive in society for those who have to support those who don’t. If we were totally conservative , there would be no empathy or compassion for those who truly can’t be productive due to issues they can’t control. There’s a reasonable middle ground where issues are faced through grounded reality. My point is those who only blindly see only one side are foolish. Abuses are prevalent on both sides.

Steven Tempia, Collinsville