Letters to the Editor

What happened?

With everyone writing and talking about the coming election in November, I just want to add a few things to think about. I’m not going to say who to vote for, I think people have their minds made up. But please listen to the facts. Watch and learn. Don’t just go to the booth and pull the lever, because that’s the way you have always done or perhaps the way your parents have done.

Think of the future for your children and grandchildren. Will they be able to vote like we have the privilege now? Will they have a choice of their own to go to the church they want to or to have their choice of religion to choose from, or will they have to do what the government says (tells) them they have to do? Will they still have the freedom of choice whatever that may be?

Let your heart and your conscience be your guide. I’m sure you would not want to hear our future children say, “What happened? Who is responsible for our country?”

God bless America.

Alberta Spradling, Smithton