Letters to the Editor

Canceled again

East St. Louis Council Committee meeting was canceled again for lack of a quorum with the Life More Abundantly team of two absent. It is obvious that when the agenda includes the approval of the 2016 general fund and TIF fund budget, they are a no-show. One can guess that they will show up for the council meeting and vote “NO” on the two agenda items. It is truly sad when you have council members that don’t think enough of the citizens to handle the business of the city.

Mayor Emeka Jackson-Hicks was supported and elected because of her dedication to the citizens with her promise for accountability, transparency and implementation for growth and development in the city. Citizens must get involved for a positive impact. After all, she was the only member of council to bring legislation resulting in early club closure to stop the club gun violence and murder of young people while the city operate with one or two police officers on night duty.

The eight years under Live More Abundantly, the city and citizens were under incompetent leadership, plagued with government corruption, five police chiefs, financial mismanagement and loss of government programs. As for the politicians and political insiders, life was more abundantly with employment and TIF funding. Groups are forming with their own agenda to overthrow the next election and continue to wreak havoc on the city at the expense of taxpayers it will not serve.

Dorothy Joshway, East St. Louis