Letters to the Editor

Dan Beiser

Our laws should exist to protect the people of Illinois, especially children. When those laws fall short, I expect our state leaders to be there to make them stronger. That’s why this year, I’m voting for Dan Beiser for State Representative.

I was horrified when alleged child molester Denny Hastert, former Speaker of the United States House of Representatives, escaped justice because too much time had passed since his crimes were committed. How could Illinois let these horrific crimes go unpunished?

Then I learned that Dan Beiser, our state Representative, sponsored legislation removing this time restriction when prosecuting sexual predators who victimize children. This bill would help children get the justice they deserve no matter how long ago these terrible crimes happened.

After the bill passed in the Illinois House, it stalled in the Senate. Now Dan is leading the fight to demand the Senate passes this important bill and the governor signs it to bring these sick criminals to justice.

Dan Beiser is one elected official who actually fights for the safety of the people he represents. I urge everyone to stand with Dan in demanding Illinois’ laws allow us to punish child sexual predators.

Michelle Brooks, Alton