Letters to the Editor

09-12-16 Sound-Off: Judges wanted retirement, they should get it

Our readers react to the week’s news:

Retired judges

About the article in Saturday’s paper about the judges and Dallas Cook going to the higher court: Baricevic says judges are elected to follow the constitution. That is correct, they don’t retire and then run again. That isn’t done in any state. I would hate to see a loophole that needs to be closed if this is allowed. Those judges should stay retired like they asked for. Go Dallas Cook!

Gov. Rauner

Thank you Gov. Rauner for ending the county board pensions for new county board members.

Migrant women

Regarding the article on migrant women who are being held in Pennsylvania who have started hunger strikes. How is this our problem? If they chose to come into the country illegally and we are good enough to give them a temporary home, and to feed them and their children on a daily basis. It’s their decision to eat or not. When you are an illegal migrant, you are lucky to not be ignored and put in jail. You cannot pick and choose what job you want, where you want to go and where and how you want to live. If they choose not to eat it, that is their decision.

Feel-good projects

As I look through the paper and notice the Habitat for Ecuador Foundation, these are feel-good projects. They go over there for so many days. Look at some of the size of these kids. Look at the concrete they are sitting on. Really? Give that money to those people and have them use it for their own good, instead of taking the time to fly down there for seven days. What can you master in seven days?

Misses the point

Kaepernick misses the point and so does his employer. Kaepernick is at work and using the national stage for a protest. Who else can into work and protest something they don’t like in society? If you protest, do that on your time and not company time. The protest is unbecoming to him, the 49ers and the NFL. Miss a day of work, a days’ pay Kaepernick with your protest, and then NFL and 49ers wake up and realize you are being used.

I didn’t mean to

I wonder if it will work the next time I‘m pulled over going 70 mph in a 35 mph speed zone if I say I didn’t intend to go 70, so I’m innocent. Don’t think so.

Ask union leaders

If the annual Belleville politician Labor Day parade is within Belleville, why do the union leaders allow county officials like Mark Kern to march in the parade if he refuses to let county employees unionize? It seems kind of hypocritical on their part. It would be nice if the union leaders would publicly explain why they continue to let this happen.

Bad landscaping

Would someone look into the landscaping at the new Frank Scott area development shopping center? I don’t have any complaints with its beautification program, it’s the location in relationship to trying to get out of the parking lot — you cannot see oncoming traffic. Creeping out and looking one way, traffic coming from the other way almost hits you, because they cannot see you either. Bad planning. Start looking at the landscaping, it is a hazard to the customer who is driving.

Voting for Democrats

For all you Granite City Steel workers whose union has blindly backed the Democratic party over the years, I hope some of you have been watching recent news events, calling about the G20 Conference in China in which it’s been brought to light about China’s dumping of subsidized steel into the U.S. market. Just remember, fellow steel workers, that this cheap China steel hasn’t been addressed by the Democratic president who refuses to get tough. Consequently, it’s your 2,000 jobs in Granite City that are being lost because of a Democratic president. Just keep voting blindly for the Democrats and then all you union people can go looking for a new job.

Economic growth

To all you Hillary supporters who state that the last good economic session this country had was under Bill Clinton. That is a lie. Clinton did not produce a balanced budget. It was a Republican Congress under Newt Gingrich who shut the government down until Clinton gave in. It was the Republicans, under Gingrich who gave us that economic wealth, not Clinton. It was the Republicans who promoted to work the welfare situations in which welfare was reduced. Then Obama wiped that out. In fact it was the Republicans who promoted economic growth in this country.

Time for a change

I think it’s time for union members, like me, to recognize that the Democratic Party has stopped serving us a long time ago. You have more protection in your job from the Federal Government, than you have from the Union. If you don’t believe me, ask the steel workers, or the people who work for Schnucks who were laid off because of the consolidation. Ask anybody who worked for Ozark, Pan-American, Eastern, or TWA airlines, the union couldn’t help them a bit. Vote for what you think is right for you and what should be right for you is the candidate that is not a crook and has the brains and the backup to be a great president, not Hillary. It should go up and down the ticket, time for a change. No term limits.

Best politicians

There is little doubt that Illinois has the best politicians money can buy. If you wonder who those politicians are, just drive by your nearby union hall and observe who they want elected. You can bet that the union’s political action committees or PACs have already donated generously to the politicians that they support and if you don’t think they expect a generous return on their investment, you better think again.

Homeland Security

It’s not the Russians that are trying to influence the elections, it’s that this government wants to put Homeland Security in charge of the elections so they can make sure Hillary Clinton wins.


It’s a no-brainer that politicians — both Democratic and Republicans — nationwide would tend to favor funding facilities in Missouri, rather than in Illinois simply because Missouri is a swing state. And Illinois is simply short of Republicans. Secondly, the technical funding for the satellite mapping facility, it’s not clear to me, why it would not be more efficient for NGA to recruit employees, the best techs and engineers they can find on a nationwide basis and then train them in house.

Golf carts

I would like to know why the city allows Lindenwood University to drive their golf carts and gators all over city streets and sidewalks when we don’t even allow kids to ride their skateboards on city sidewalks. What is the difference? Look into it.

SWIC numbers

SWIC administrators are lying about the enrollment currently, the enrollment for Fall Semester has been as high as 17,000. Today it is down to 11,000. Another enrollment figure is used for the combination of summer fall and spring, It used to be as high as 26,000. And it’s down to 18,000. They are using the 18,000 figure and applying it to the individual semester fall, which is incorrect. Fleming and Costello are nothing but liars and they need to be removed.