Letters to the Editor

Clinton isn’t clear about classified information

So we are supposed to believe the so-called smartest woman in the world never received the most basic training in handling classified information? No wait, she signed the Non-Disclosure form in June 2009 affirming she did receive training on handling and storing classified. Then she told the FBI that after her fall she could not remember. But that interview took place in July 2016, the fall occurred several years ago. So, is she still having memory difficulties and if so can she serve as president if her memory is faulty on key issues?

She then said she thought the C in parenthesis was the paragraph in alphabetical order versus the marking for Confidential. Sounds like similar sarcasm when she said, “What do you mean, wipe the server, with like a cloth?” Perhaps she should have called Col. Bill Malec, H. Ray Sigler or myself for training on handling classified.

Before Gene, Jim or Kevin weigh in, I write from experience as I was the director of security as a captain and major for four years in the Pentagon for the largest communications group in the Air Force. My 20-person team of officers, NCOs and two airmen handled every level of collateral and non-collateral classified up to the code word level supporting the Office of the Secretary of Defense, the Joint Chiefs of Staff and the military departments in the building.

Phil Henning, Smithton