Letters to the Editor

2nd Amendment

Trump’s now infamous veiled threat about 2nd Amendment people doing something about Hillary was said in a speech where he claimed Hillary wanted to do away with the 2nd Amendment. Way to get the far right energized.

Fact: She doesn’t want to get rid of the 2nd Amendment. She wants all you legal, gun-toting enforcers of the right to bear arms free to shoot the home invader between the eyes. She wants you to enjoy the fall colors in the woods while slaughtering deer. What she doesn’t want is some wacko or criminal or terrorist free to buy guns. She wants stricter background checks and a ban on assault weapons of war.

Would such legislation stop all the horrible acts we’ve seen lately? Probably not. The genie is out of the box. Gun proliferation is rampant in America. People flock to gun stores after such events, fearful that there will be a ban on guns, or maybe erroneously thinking they could prevent such crimes if they had a weapon.

When polled, most people want some sensible gun control, yet legislators fail to act. The NRA is too powerful. Maybe a reasonable bloc of voters can do something about the NRA. Whoops — was that a veiled threat?

Judy Neel, Belleville