Letters to the Editor

Taxpayers’ money

I can appreciate Joseph B. McDonnell’s response to my comments about spending $30K of the taxpayers’ money for a study to determine if a 1-cent sales tax would be feasible to revitalize the old Shopland corner at 70th and West Main. Joe didn’t know that I grew up in the 70th Street area. I frequented the Ace Hardware and Jefferson’s many times. I even considered moving back to the family home before moving to O’Fallon, but I thought better of it for a number of reasons.

I’m sure Alderman Wigginton is all for it. Maybe Alderman Wigginton can explain to you why the old Mad Pricer store, down the street, has been vacant for years or why there are other vacancies in that strip? Why are there now store vacancies in the once full Tim and Joes Plaza? Even Don Rodgers could use a new coat of paint. If the area is such a great place to do business, why won’t the Ace Hardware and Jefferson’s property owner spend a few bucks of their own money to attract new tenants?

Maybe Alderman Wigginton could make an effort to talk to the property owners about spending their own money. You know, businessman to businessman. Its election time Joe, and Belleville politicians need to grease a few skids with taxpayer money. Joe, if the property owners won’t maintain their own properties, why should the taxpayers waste $30K?

Pete Hill, O’Fallon