Letters to the Editor

Look in the mirror

For those unhappy with today’s economy, take a moment and think about what actions you have taken to contribute to it. Do you use online banking? That takes away bank teller jobs. Use the self-check lane in the stores? That takes away checker jobs. Do you shop online? That eliminates brick and mortar stores and the jobs associated.

These conveniences come with a price paid by many now unemployed American citizens. And most importantly, do you shop at big box stores to get the most bang for your buck? Most cheaper goods are made in other countries where they likely have no unions. American wages are higher because our workers are guaranteed better conditions and pay. That costs money, which is passed along to the consumer.

So, if you think the economy is bad, which I do not, all things considered, take a look in the mirror and see if there isn’t something you can do to help.

Barbara Baldridge, Belleville