Letters to the Editor

EpiPen scandal is just the tip of the iceberg

The EpiPen scandal is an outrageous and obscene example of where unregulated capitalism leads us. It should not be true, people should have consciences and not need to have a government mandate to act with both empathy and sympathy. But you can see that they do not.

If there was ever a perfect case for the declaration of a monopoly by the federal government, it could not exceed this one.

Still its only the tip of the iceberg. The pharmaceutical industry has replaced both cigarettes and liquor (or beer) as the No. 1 advertiser on television. I know of a Fortune 500 company who had a self-insured cooperative health plan. It was going badly, but a new executive director took it on and, primarily teaching the members (who paid 49 percent of the premium) that they needed to look how they were raised they could lower their costs.

He encouraged using OTC meds of non prescription formulas for everything from braces and band aids for cuts and bruises rather than the hospital ER . He asked them to consider aspirin or Tylenol for headaches rather than a painkiller to which they could become addicted. This and more made them realize that there is a potential conflict of interest in which doctors own or have stock in both pharmaceutical companies and nursing homes (including long-term care facilities.) Maybe they are not concerned about you as much as your money for as long as they can keep you alive.

Joseph Reichert, Belleviille