Letters to the Editor

Much to lose

The Republican nominee trumpets a message to his white audiences for African Americans: “What the hell do you have to lose?”

While it is true when Democrats have been in charge, little has been done to change employment and educational disparity among minorities, much more would be lost under a Trump presidency. Trump’s history speaks louder than his words. For example:

1. Trump and his father famously discriminated against minorities in housing applications in the 1970s, marking their applications with a “C” for colored. He was forced to pay a fine to the government for housing discrimination.

2. He paid substandard wages to immigrant Polish workers until the courts required him to pay them prevailing wages. Trump would nix an increase in the minimum wage to $15 an hour.

3. Twelve Republican-controlled legislatures passed laws since 2014 reducing voting opportunities for minorities, absentee voting and the number of voting places in minority neighborhoods. While the U. S. Appellate Courts have struck down four of these state laws and at least two more are awaiting decisions, Trump’s prejudice against minorities indicate his Supreme Court appointee would undoubtedly reinstate these repressive laws.

The answer of fair-minded voters in both parties to Trump’s question “What the hell do they have to lose” is a resounding: “Too much!”

Gerald Montroy, O’Fallon