Letters to the Editor

Township spending

I was reading in Sunday’s BND about the unusual spending by certain ESL Township members. I can’t fathom how anyone can spend that much money and it go unnoticed unless there is a little more collusion than meets the eye.

All these purchases for gas by itself would raise eyebrows but to spend $12,000 at a Walmart at one time should do a lot more than that. In the gasoline purchases I have to wonder that since there were multiple purchases in just one day with them being over $100 each would lead me to ask what else they were buying, perhaps lottery tickets. There isn’t one single peep about any of the funds being repaid. How can we trust anything done with taxpayer money in ESL if this is going on?

Both Hamiltons should be stripped of their cards, forced to repay them in total. While they did have permission to spend up to $1,000 a month, which was exceeded by a long shot, that spending should have had something to do with their jobs with ESL Township. This is outright theft, there is no other way to account for it.

Military members are roasted on an open fire and disciplined severely or court-martialed if they were to do what these individuals did. There needs to be accountability on this or ESL will have to let the state come back in and take over. ESL continues to be in despair and these two are directly contributing to it.

John Bauer, New Baden