Letters to the Editor

Simple test

Boy, it sure would be nice to have the kind of infallible clairvoyance possessed by the News-Democrat’s editorial staff, especially as it pertains to those who might need, seemingly for any of myriad reasons, to utilize same-day voter registration.

Try as I might to suppress the suspicion, because clearly these guys are supremely confident in their judgment of everyone who would utilize same-day registration, I can’t help but think that their classification of these people as uninformed and disinterested is more than a little narrow in its perception.

Is it not possible that remarkably well-informed first-time voters might prefer the proverbial killing of two birds with one stone when it comes to registering and casting their vote? Is it wrong to want to simplify the process by doing it all in one trip?

That’s one possible reason. There are many others.

Here’s what we need to do to guarantee an informed electorate this cycle. Despite the protestations of our founding father’s ghosts, we must institute a test at polling places. It’s a simple test. Before a vote can be cast, the citizen must demonstrate the ability to define the word “demagogue.”

Dan Gruchala, Belleville