Letters to the Editor

Candidates should tackle real issues

Recent “favorability” polls have shown presidential candidates Clinton and Trump both with an approximately 60 percent unfavorable rating. The best adjective to describe Hillary has been “crooked” which she has developed by her actions over more than a quarter of a century. Trump’s best description seems to be “crazy” developed about every time he speaks after getting lathered up in front of enthusiastic, supportive crowds.

My hope is that both candidates will address the two major economic problems our country currently faces in the coming debates. The Paul G. Peterson Foundation details these on their very fine website. They show that our military spending of close to $600 billion/year is grossly disproportionate to other countries. This $600 billion is more than the sum of the next seven countries combined. These countries include China, Saudi Arabia, Russia, United Kingdom, India, France, and Japan. The US can not sustain this level of military spending

The Peterson Foundation then gives a major reason why middle class families are having major difficulties. 18 percent of the US economy goes to healthcare. The US per capita spending for healthcare is now at $8,713 compared to countries such as France, Canada, and Germany where the figure is $4,124, $4,351, and $4,819 respectively.

Let’s hope the moderators of these debates demand the candidates address these issues. Crazy and Crooked does not get the job done. NBC’s Lester Holt will moderate the first debate on Sept. 26, 2016, at Hofstra University in Hempstead, NY.

Thomas Fohne, Columbia