Letters to the Editor

Sexual assaults

Buried in the middle of a story about sexual assaults in the military was a statistic that jumped off the page: about half of the sexual assaults were man against another man. Wow!

This is the result of the “don’t ask, don’t tell” policy of the Bill Clinton Regime and the continuation of allowing the perverts in the military service by the Obama Regime. Obama now allows the perverts to serve openly including really strange perversions of women who think they are men and men who think they are women. Whoopee! Now we have perversion run amok in the military service.

The social engineering has gone overboard. Now women can go into men’s bathrooms and men into women’s bathrooms (even in grade school on up, I guess). The government with the encouragement of Obama has perverted the scriptural description definition of marriage. Perversion is supposed to be the norm in out society. When will it end? With plural marriages making a comeback, sex with small children will be acceptable, sex with animals. God save us from Obama and Hillary. Let it end now and get back on course as a country.

I do believe that if we elect Donald Trump (even though I don’t care for him personally) that he’ll help reverse the disgusting trends in this nation of ours.

H. Ray Sigler, Highland