Letters to the Editor

Self reliance

Of all the changes that people talk or write about our problems and failures, only one is the one that will eventually doom us. That one thing is “self reliance”. Even during the depression, the hobo’s did not seek Federal help. They remained “self reliant” and moved around the country seeking some kind of work to stay alive. That’s the clue. Like their ancestors before them, they did not remain tied to any one place. Like the Oakies from Muskogee, they moved to another place to seek the opportunity to ply a trade or just find work from people who had the land and the wealth.

We don’t have national unemployment. We have regional unemployment. And this went on so long that, after 1964, this country took a dramatic turn toward Socialism under LBJ. Now those who have lost jobs from the coal fields or Detroit seem lost and simply “wait” for someone to help them (usually state Federal governments) As long as this continues and expands due to the large number of voters whose loyalty can be bought without any reason except hand outs or “benefits”, which sometimes exceed the pay of actual jobs, we will continue this slide.

Wd don’t need help from Donald Trump or anyone else, unless they find a way to re instill the pride of people who refuse those benefits and seek their own destiny. I had a high school classmate who became wealthy selling rags. No union for that.

Joseph Reichert, Belleville