Letters to the Editor


I was repulsed when Hillary stated millions of Americans are “deplorables”. Americans who are racist, sexist, islamaphobic, homophobic or xenophobic. I’m sick and tired of the divisive left wing hate rhetoric coming out of the compulsive liar’s mouth. After over two decades of political cover-ups and lying to the American people, I find it astonishing Hillary can call anyone “despicable or deplorable”. America needs a President who will be for all the American People, not just another four years of Obama’s picking and choosing winners and losers.

Americans have suffered the past eight years, being called racists or bigots ever time they didn’t agree with the incompetent community organizer. Under the current Racist-in-Chief, our Nation has become even more divided. Sadly, Hillary continues to foster a nation further divided. We had hoped for better when Obama was elected. Unfortunately for America, we didn’t get a leader — we got a community organizer instead.

I’m tired of being called a racist. Especially when Hillary has spent decades proving to be a sexist, a racist, and beyond any doubt the worst compulsive liar in America. America can’t afford four more years from another divisive left wing kook, who obviously hates millions of Americans. Part of the President’s Oath of Office states, “ I do solemnly swear (or affirm) I will faithfully execute the Office.“ The past two decades demonstrate Hillary can’t do anything competently or faithfully, except lie!

Pete Hill, O’Fallon