Letters to the Editor


I am one of those deplorable people who are for Trump. Hillary has also said that I am unredeemable, so that takes care of the after-life. The corrupt news media always manages to leave out the “unredeemable” part. She also had a litany of hateful descriptive words for Trump supporters that are out of the realm of human discourse.

Mrs. Clinton has something wrong with her besides not being able to tell the truth. A few weeks ago she started coughing and said it was allergies, then said it was heat. CNN jumped to her defense by saying that it was horribly hot in New York at the 9/11 memorial. In fact, the temperature that day was 78 degrees, partly cloudy with an 8 MPH breeze blowing. She has stumbled getting onto airplanes and she did it again that day trying to get into her SUV. She then went to her daughter’s apartment. Why not the hospital? An hour and a half later she emerged and said she had pneumonia which had been diagnosed a week earlier. When does this women tell the truth?

How many times has she told us she has turned over all her emails? Then thousands more turn up. Hillary can best be described this way, “Why can you people not understand that the medical problems that I do not have are the reason I can not remember the criminal acts I did not commit!”

Garland J. Horn, Granite City