Letters to the Editor

Readers sound-off ... Tired of Baricevic bashing Rauner’s budget

CJ Baricevic

I’ve seen the commercial too many times for CJ Baricevic. I’m tired of him bashing Rauner’s budget. There is no budget. I’m not interested in how he got through college. He’s not the only one to put himself through college. Cut a few bucks and cut it to once a week. It’s sickening 8 or 9 times a day.

Think again

To anyone who is interested in buying or renting a home in Cahokia, think again. The sewer system in town is in my opinion, almost nonfunctional. And for that we pay a water bill, a treatment bill and a water sewer bill. It’s insult to injury. Homes have water in their basements. You can’t flush your toilets, and get the right results. It’s like that with or without rain. Instead of paying ridiculous salaries to people in charge, put the money where it belongs correcting the problem and not letting it go on year after year. I want Cahokia to be a beautiful town again, like it used to be.

True colors

Mayor McCall has showed his true colors. The 15th anniversary of 9/11, doesn’t have the flags at half-mast. Take a history lesson, too much to do? You are all a disgrace to the citizens and veterans of this nation. Even though the board members didn’t have the guts to say lower the flag. Not only don’t they care about our citizens, they don’t care about our veterans.


It’s good to see the progress that the city and county have made when they are redoing the streets or repaving. But they don’t bother to put up a sign telling you there is rough road ahead. But the manhole covers on North Illinois are a problem — 4 inches higher than the rest of the street and causing wheel alignment problems long term. I don’t care, I know they are there. Let the rest of the fools hit them.

Vote them out

More political shenanigans by the Baricevic family. You have the old man with the scam to be elected as a new judge, instead of running for retention. Now a campaign donation scandal with this kid that Baricevic and the Democrats are trying to hustle through and be the new congressman for the area. If these people continue to vote for this character on the judicial bench, you are crazy. They have destroyed the state. Vote them out of office and get your county and state back.


I don’t know if you believe in the signs of nature, but I noticed frequently on Route 15 there are buzzards circling around the Hofbrauhaus. Certainly seems suggestive of what the outcome of that will be.

Lying Clintons

The Clintons are lying again, now about her health. Hillary says she has pneumonia, went to the doctor on Friday. But the tours are with her all week long, never said anything about her going to the doctor. How did she sneak away from all these reporters that are with her? It’s a lie to cover up what her real health issues are.

Flag protocol

I attended the 9/11 memorial dedication service today, the dedication of the rusted steel girder of the World Trade Center. An 11-year-old boy sat in front of me. I reminded him that the flag shouldn’t be laying on the ground. I told him I was not scolding him only reminding him how our flag should have protocol to follow. Hopefully he will remember.

Vote correctly

As a way to make a decision on the presidential election has become even murkier since Hillary’s failed attempt to get out of a meeting, please remember, if you are concerned about term limits and jobs, don’t vote for the people unless they are spectacular. If you want jobs, stop buying Japanese and Korean cars. Even with their plants in the U.S., money still goes to that country, not the U.S. Take action and vote correctly, or keep the same forever.

Have a debate

I speak for the taxpayers in St. Clair County who would like to ask Mr. Kern why are you refusing to have a debate with your opposing candidate Roger Cook? I believe the people of St. Clair County are entitled to a constructive debate between the two candidates and Mr. Kern is not cooperating.

Short and sweet

Regarding Skip Kernan wanting to sue the township, all I want to say is something short and sweet: Is he a joke?


This is about unions. I’m a union member in the St. Clair County Probation Department. I think it is terrible that these leaders of the Democratic Party, like Mark Kern, say they are for unions and want the union support but then anytime they put a union in the county office, they fight us like crazy. I think it’s terrible and we should retaliate by voting against the Democratic Party.

Buying votes

Taking into consideration the thousands of dollars the local Democrats are spending on the upcoming election, one could not help but believe, a large part of this money will be spent buying Democratic votes at $5 apiece as was allegedly done in a previous election. Hopefully the State’s Attorney will be watching this.

Bob Romanik

I was amused to hear Bob Romanik read my Sound-Off comment about Mark Kern. Unfortunately, he didn’t read it verbatim nor did he credit the BND as a source of the comment. I’m curious to see if he will live up to his promise to pay $20,000 to a Caseyville politician who accepted his challenge to take a lie-detector test. Thank you.


Shame on Alderman Roger Wigginton for padding his pockets at the expense of taxpaying citizens by promoting TIF money to any business surrounding his own, he’s driving up the value of his property that is for sale. Our taxes go up so he can get top dollar for his property.

Mayor Eckert

Apparently all you need in Belleville to get TIF money from Mayor Eckert and his administration is to have an idea and pledge your allegiance. You don’t really have to fulfill the plan. Seems like a third drive-in movie screen, subdivisions with new sewers and no houses, hotels to be built. If you agree with how the mayor does business, than how is he going to reward his buddies when there are no more tax dollars coming in with the displacement of over 2,000 residents since the census and hundreds of homes for sale?

Union teachers

My father was a union man all his life but as I sit and watch TV and listen about the teachers. I think we should have a 10-year plan and if you do not have better schools and we are ranked 43rd, there is time for a change. My grandson goes to Dist. 90 in O’Fallon, and he tells me what he does in school these days. I am 70 years old and I feel I had a better education back then,One thing I do not approve of is when the teachers are telling the children about politics and who their parents should vote for. Politics have no business in the schools.

Post Office

The Collinsville Post Office is a joke. They had a beautiful post office downtown and they tear it down and have an annex 3 or 4 miles away from the population below the hill. And we have to drive down there, where there are only two windows in a city of almost 30,000. It’s a joke.