Letters to the Editor

Clinton Foundation tax returns are worth a look

Last year, the Clinton Foundation amended four years of tax returns. Seems the Clintons forgot to include tens of million in foreign government donations. Additionally, the Clinton Foundation has $50 million in undocumented travel expenses to explain. Yet no IRS audit. Imagine why? The Foundation annual tax returns are online for public viewing. Gene Robke should take a look. Gene would find the tax returns show more than 80 percent of the donations are listed as overhead line item expenses. You see, the Clinton’s believe salaries, pensions, benefits, IT, rents, conferences, travel and etc. are charitable expense items. The definition of “IS” again. Thousands of businesses, organizations and individual tax filers dream about the IRS allowing them to claim these expense items as charitable giving.

Most charity watch dogs rank charities by their efficient use of donations. Worthwhile charities, like the American Red Cross and Doctors With Out Borders, spend 90 cents of every dollar for charitable work and 10 cents for overhead. CharityWatch, noted by Gene Robke, rates organizations by financial health. Not by charitable spending. After the Clinton Foundation amended their past tax returns, CharityWatch changed the rating from “watch list” to an A in 2016. Meaning the Foundation’s financial reporting was finally in order.

Review the Foundation tax returns. The Foundation’s IRS 990 charitable gift schedules are a laugher. Sadly, so few dollars actually go to charity. The Foundation exists only to enrich the Clintons and provide a pay to play slush fund.

Pete Hill, O’Fallon