Letters to the Editor

Hard to believe

It is hard to believe that an elected official would sue his own constituents, but County Board Member Robert Trentman and St. Clair Township Road Commissioner John “Skip” Kernan did just that.

Trentman sued the citizens of Swansea when he sued the Village of Swansea over the sewer rate dispute (which is still ongoing). Swansea residents will ultimately pay the costs of the lawsuit in their taxes and/or sewer rates. This lawsuit is an attack on Trentman’s own constituents which constitute about half of his voters. How many Swansea votes does he expect to get in November after this lawsuit? Trentman should have been working quietly behind the scenes to help resolve the conflict rather then suing Swansea resident.

Kernan’s actions are even more puzzling. First, he joined Trentman in promoting the lawsuit against Swansea even though Swansea is a part of the township where Kernan is Road Commissioner. Next, Kernan sued his own township board over a dispute about employee numbers. Trentman only sued half of his constituents, but Kernan sued all of his constituents when he sued the township board. Kernan should have simply accepted the township board’s ruling on how much money he could spend on employees and then worked next year to get the board to allow him to have another employee. Compromise is what government is all about. One person is not king.

Politicians are usually very careful to not offend voters, but Kernan and Trentman have broken the mold on that.

Timothy Buchanan, Swansea