Letters to the Editor

Give her credit

Well I’ll give Hillary Clinton credit for telling the world what she really thinks about millions of Americans, the basket of horribles comment. She did a more skillful job than most of the standard left-wingers who write in to the BND of offending millions. She also let out a truth, that the other basket of Trump supporters are frustrated with the government, a lack of progress in the job market, seeing jobs going overseas, illegal immigration and seeing more and more restrictions placed on their lives. So she finally admitted the failures of Democratic leadership and policy, something a lot of us have tried to point out.

Finally we have a national spokesperson on our side — Hillary Clinton! I’ll give her credit, she didn’t even blame George Bush like some have in this paper after almost eight years of him being out of office. Stay well Hillary, we need you more than ever to tell the truth.

Phil Henning, Smithton